It is done.  We are moved.  Not unpacked and put away…just moved.

It has been a long week.  Robert took his last final to finish his year back in school on Tuesday.  He started moving boxes of non-essentials to the mini storage that afternoon while I stayed home and packed.  More of the same Wednesday and Thursday.  By the time my brother showed up with his truck on Friday to move furniture, we were already tired.  Moving in your 30s is a lot different than moving in your 20s!

Nonetheless, we made the last trip and scrubbed our old place clean today.  All that’s left is to turn in the keys in the morning.  Then focus shifts to unpacking and organizing.

Moving is hard yet cathartic.  When you move something you really don’t need (but secretly have some weird attachment to) enough times, eventually you will get rid of it.  In the donation bag this time?  My Birkenstock clogs.  I have had them since high school.  I wore them almost every day from the day I got them all the way through my third year of college.  They are perfectly molded to my feet and somehow they do not smell like shoes of their vintage usually smell.  These shoes bring back many memories of my time as a teenager and young adult.  They remind me of dear friends and all the time we spent together.  They took me everywhere I wanted to go with no complaint.  They never made my feet hurt.  They are still in good shape.  But I have only worn them a handful of times in the past 8 years.  Sometime after that third year of college, I realized that they actually DO look like baked potatoes on my feet.  I have some friends who can still pull them off.  My friend Susan wears them all the time and they look perfectly normal on her.  On me?  Slow boats to China.

So, with my birks on their way to the mission donation box with various and sundry unneeded items, I am ready to move on to the next adventure!  Unfortunately, that would be the kitchen……  🙂